Love Africa Mission exists to mobilize and disciple believers through short term trips to Africa. In the course of those trips, we are able to support and serve strategic ministry partners. While the teams raise funds to support their travel, these general funds are able to go directly to our ministry partners throughout the countries we travel.

Through these gifts, ministry partners will build churches, expand orphanages, mobilize more resources to reach the lost, and fund education and counseling of vulnerable children and families.

Would you consider giving a gift during this year that will bless so many of our friends in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, & Zambia? All gifts are tax-deductible and donors will receive giving statements.

2020 COVID Relief Fund

Love Africa Mission exists to mobilize believers and support ministry partners. Now more than ever, our partners need our strategic support, especially since we are unable to send all of our teams to assist and support them this year!

Through strategic planning, we have come up with a plan to fundraise $15,000 total to go toward ministry partners in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Zambia. Through our participation in the Global Run For the Orphans this summer, our team will raise $7,500 to help global relief of orphans throughout Africa. The other $7,500 will be raised by individual donors and team members.

Our team members, who would have been travelling throughout this summer, will be leading our fundraising efforts! Would you consider giving during this difficult season for our ministry partners?