Love Africa exists to mobilize and disciple believers into more authentic followers of Jesus Christ, and we have created several internships that give us this opportunity on a long-term basis.These internships are both stateside and overseas, and happen at different times of the year. Each of these internships are geared specifically toward developing Christian leadership skills, administrative competency, and Biblical understanding. The interns will be challenged weekly by our staff to lead, serve, and learn. If you want to grow in all of these areas, continue reading below!

Overseas Summer Internship

These interns play a central role in leading our summer short-terms teams. Interns overseas will spend one or three months leading teams, discipling team members, working alongside missionaries, and serving locals. They will gain intercultural knowledge, mission experience from long-term missionaries, and spend time each week with our Director and President gaining Biblical, theological, and leadership training. We have internships available with concentrations in the following areas:

Pastoral Leadership & Evangelism

Social Work & Counseling

Parks, Recreation, & Tourism

Team, Non-Profit, and Missions Leadership


Photography, Videography, & Marketing

Stateside Interns

Our stateside internships are offered year round and cover a wide variety of skill-sets. During the summer, our  stateside interns help manage our social media, team communications, and administrative duties while some of our staff are on trips. During the fall and spring semesters, Love Africa provides opportunities for students with skills and interests in social media and marketing, administration, recruitment, non-profit leadership, and web development. Each of these interns works with our staff to move our organization forward and prepare for our busiest season – the summer. In addition to workplace experience, our interns receive biblical and theological training, intercultural experience, and leadership experience.

Internship Information

Each of our interns will take part in a core curriculum of Biblical Theology, Bible Interpretation, and Leadership. At the same time, they will be challenged to immediately apply what they learn in their specific field. Through biblical and leadership studies and the mentorship of missionaries, pastors, and leaders, we are confident that our interns will finish their time with us prepared to lead in the Church and workplace at home.

Some of these internships are paid, and some are support-raising positions. Additionally, each of the internship can be used for credit if you are looking to fulfill internship hours for your university.


We are always taking applications for stateside and overseas interns! If you are looking for one of the most fun, rewarding, and equipping internships, then send us your application!

Our desire is that every person that serves on a short-term trip with us will come home with a clear vision and a pure passion to serve right where they live.