Just like the braids, it all falls out

[pullquote style=”;eft”]The African dust tucked away in the toes of my shoes and the paint splotches running all the way from my fingertips to my nose have been the best wardrobe I’ve ever been privileged to wear. Kenya changed me.[/pullquote]

My American mindset of clothes having to match or the quality of my jeans quickly faded as I met children at Little Lambs orphanage who have to pray about where their clothes may come from that morning. The longing to read the next hot Christian best seller molded into a desire to listen to the stories of a dorm mom at Naomi’s Village named Grace.

In the trash went my desire to sing for a show but to sing for the Lord’s ears alone.  The Maasai church with it’s dirt floors, mud walls, and spirit filled room changed that.  You don’t need a fog machine and electric guitars to make worship.  Just a soul, a soul that will sincerely sing, dance, and move to the rhythm of the Lord.

Rift Valley Academy has challenged my expectations for the Lord’s movement in the youth of today.  Students who have complete trust in the Lord to keep their families in closed countries safe and the passion in their worship rocked my world. A chosen generation.

God has gave me His eyes to see while I looked off the back porch of our house in Kijabe.  The view of the Great Rift Valley showed me how big, wide, and deep is His love for His people all over the world. Yes, Kenya changed me. I will forever Love Africa.” You can read more on Kaley’s blog.

Kaley Rivera

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