Our month long program is specifically for team members who have traveled to Africa before. This program is designed to help these team members find their passion and live in it for about four weeks in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Zambia. We want to be able to have a platform to potentially set up these team members to listen to the Lord better and walk in that obedience.


By spending a month in Kenya, I felt like I wasn’t just visiting there on a mission trip, but rather I was living there among people I felt like I had known all my life. I was able to get involved in the community, the culture, and the traditions. Relationships became friendships, and those friendships became family. God moved mountains in Kenya, but He also moved mountains within me. The Lord showed me what it is like to live radically and fully in Him, that there is more to life than I am allowing, and that God is never finished with us. It has changed my heart, my mind, and my soul. It is a place that even after you are gone, it never leaves you.

Leah Worley

“Deciding to stay longer than the normal 2 week trip was possibly the best decision I’ve made. Being submerged in a culture different than your own, away from distractions, and in deep community, for an entire month creates a space to become undone. My month in Kenya was one of undoing, undoing my perspective of who I was, who God is, and what Kenya would become to me. A month allows you to truly experience life in Kenya, the daily in out tasks, like hand washing all of your laundry or cooking in the kitchen, but more than that it truly allows you to be in a place to see people consistently and create strong lasting relationships. It allows you to live life among fellow believers, Kenyan and American alike, getting to know and love them for who Christ made them to be. Those relationships for me led to getting invited into a friend’s home to learn how to make chapati, falling in love with a sweet girl who I now sponsor, and so much more. You’ll experience Kenya for what it truly is, settle into what becomes home, create lasting bonds, and come to know the Father in a new way!”

Caroline Evatt

Our desire is that every person that serves on a short-term trip with us will come home with a clear vision and a pure passion to serve right where they live.