Oasis for Orphans is a ministry that we partner with in Kenya. Oasis for Orphans has two centers in Kenya, The Valley and The Shelter. Oasis provides a holistic care approach for orphaned children, which focuses  on four key areas, including physical, spiritual, educational, and social development. With a strong emphasis on education, Oasis tracks and measures the progress of each child in their care.

Founded in 1906, Rift Valley Academy provides a safe, nurturing environment for children of missionaries serving in Africa. Teddy Roosevelt laid the cornerstone to the main building of this Christian boarding school in 1909. Located in central Kenya, RVA has a student body of nearly 500 students representing more than 20 different nationalities. Their families serve with 80 mission organizations in over 20 African countries and could not continue their ministries without RVA. The single greatest contribution you can make is to keep the school in your prayers.

Little Lambs is a daycare program that demonstrates God’s love by nourishing children made vulnerable by poverty or orphaned by HIV/AIDS. The children are fed one meal a day plus a snack while they learn basic reading, writing and math. When funds are available, the children receive school uniforms and supplies, clothing, shoes and medical care. Little Lambs provides a safe, loving environment where children are free to play, sing, learn about God’s love for them, and just enjoy being a kid.

AIC Mwichingiri, George & Joyce Irungu

Since 2017, we have been sending teams with George and Joyce Irungu to evangelize in Mwichingiri… that’s right, say that five times. George and Joyce pastor the Africa Inland Church in Mwichingiri and have been caring for this community for many years. During a teams mission, they will get the chance to go door to door sharing the gospel and providing for the needs of the community. They will also get the chance to share a meal with a Kenyan family in their home and spend time with them. During the afternoons with George, the local school sends hundreds of children to meet the team at the church. There they spend time playing, learning, and singing. This is something the team is sure to grow from and enjoy.

Cure Hospital

Cure hospital is one of the best children’s hospitals in all of Africa. Teams who visit will meet people from Somolia, Sudan, Tanzania, Ghana, and more. Through our partnership with Cure, teams have the chance to share the Gospel and pray for children in their immediate need. They also play games and do fun crafts with them. In some cases, nursing or medical students even help in surgeries at Cure.

Just Bible Ministries is a church that we partner with in Kisii, Kenya. Their mission is to love God, love people, make disciples and be His witness. Within the church they strive to help those who have physical needs and provide them with an opportunity to teach the Word of God. At the church, they are currently housing 27 orphans. We are in the process of helping Just Bible build permanent homes for the 27 orphans on the church compound.


Olivier Gabuka

As one of our earliest contacts in Rwanda, Olivier has been with us for nearly two years. Olivier serves in many ministries in Rwanda, but we met him specifically through a ministry called Bunifu. Olivier is the point person for all our trips to Rwanda. He and his team help us organize our involvement with some really special ministries, including a ministry for children with cancer. This personal ministry was inspired by his own daughter Joelle’s battle with leukemia, which the Lord faithfully won for Him. Since his daughter’s healing, Olivier and his family have collected funds for children in need of cancer treatment. In addition, Love Africa team members visit to share the gospel message with the children and their families. Olivier is a man of great integrity and we are thrilled to partner with him.

Children’s Hospital

As mentioned above, Olivier partners with the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Kigali, Rwanda to help children in need of treatment. We also partner with this hospital. During their mission in Rwanda, team members will get the chance to meet, pray, share the gospel, visit, and pray with the children undergoing treatment because of Olivier’s support. They will also get to do the same with other children in the hospital. At the end of each visit, we also collect funds to go toward the medication and treatment of the children.

Kunda Village

Kunda village was started as a grass roots effort to help orphaned children in the poorest community in Rwanda. When we took our first trip to Rwanda in 2018, we met the men who started this ministry. Through our partnership with them, they have become a registered non profit organization and Olivier has began leading them in establishing methods to address the local issues. Kunda Village provides support through, education, food, clothing, and shelter. We visit the children and families to share the Gospel and meet basic these needs. Teams will also lead a kids camp in the community, where hundreds of children participate.

Gisenyi Community Church

Our biggest ministry partner is a healthy, vibrant church in Gisenyi, a town on lake Kivu. This church has an incredible outreach program in the community that we love to be a part of. Each year, we host more than 300 students aged 3-14 for VBS at the church. During our time with them, many children who don’t attend the church join us for the week. Our number one goal is to share the gospel and teach them about the forgiveness and love of Christ.


COBURWAS International Youth Organization to Transform Africa (CIYOTA) is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization established by refugee youth in December 2005 in Kyangwali refugee settlement, Uganda. The founders arrived in Kyangwali from Congo (DRC), Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda and Sudan (CO-BU-RWA-S) along with thousands of refugees fleeing violence and problems resulting from conflicts in their home countries. CIYOTA recognizes the power of education as a pathway out of poverty, as well as a means to heal conflict, create social cohesion, and spur economic growth. Education for youth through methods that also build corresponding commitment and support of families and the community is therefore the focus of CIYOTA’s work.


The Whitfield family established the Eleeo Project ministry in 2012 in Zambia. Their motto is bringing new life to the spiritual and physical wastelands of the Southern Zambia bush and they do just that. This is seen through creating authentic Christ-centered relationships with community and individuals they interact with in the Tonga villages. Along side cultivating relationships they partner in conservation farming programs that focus on teaching the local Tonga farmer to cultivate at a high standard, to plant on time, focus on minimal wastage, and do it all with a joyful spirit, The Whitfield’s continue their work by providing opportunities for community development, experience, team work, and family experience for any and all people they interact with.

Our desire is that every person that serves on a short-term trip with us will come home with a clear vision and a pure passion to serve right where they live.