Love Africa Staff


Trevin Bender

Director of Operations & Team Development

Trevin has been serving with Love Africa for four years now. Originally, he is from Oklahoma, but after receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Oklahoma State University (go pokes!!), he moved to Louisville, KY to pursue his Master’s Degree in Philosophy & Ethics at Southern Seminary. His first trip was to Kenya. Since then, he has lead teams to Kenya, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe multiple times. Trevin loves Africa, missions, and people, so this ministry is a perfect fit for him!


Trevin’s primary responsibilities include directing operations, recruitment of team members, recruitment and training of leaders, and planning with ministry partners abroad.


Hannah Baugh

Recruitment Coordinator

Hannah is originally from Arkansas but Kenya very much has a sense of home for her. Having spent the better part of 2016 and 2017 living in Kenya and working alongside a couple ministries, Kenya and her beautiful people hold a special place in her heart. Realizing her need to be better equipped for the work of ministry, Hannah moved to Louisville, KY in 2018 were she currently is pursuing a degree in Biblical Counseling from Boyce College. Hearing other’s stories and connecting them to the bigger Story which we are all apart of is one of the many places Hannah finds joy. She cannot wait to connect you to a place and people she loves dearly.


Hannah helps tremendously when it comes to training, equipping, and leading our team leaders, and recruitment.


Nick McCullock

Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Nick has been working  in student ministry since he was a student himself. He has served for the past 2 years as Assistant Student Pastor at the Lamb’s Chapel in Burlington, NC. Nick joins Love Africa with an expertise in photography and videography, along with a passion for discipleship, worship ministry, and missions to unreached people groups. Nick’s responsibilities include marketing, social media coordination, videography, photography, and more!

Love Africa Field Directors


George & Joyce Irungu

Kenya Field Directors

Love Africa teams first partnered with George & Joyce in 2017. They are both natives of Kenya, but they both came to the States for undergraduate and graduate school. During their time in the States, they started a family and now have four awesome kids! Upon completion of their education in the States, God called them back to Kenya where they now serve full time as missionaries, professors, and pastors. George & Joyce are a tremendous help when it comes to leading teams, training our interns, and hosting.


Olivier Gabuka

Rwanda Field Director

Olivier has been with Love Africa since our first trip to Rwanda in 2018! Before that, Olivier founded Africa Compassion Act, an organization that serves underprivileged children in poor communities and pays the medical bills for children undergoing cancer treatments in Kigali. Olivier has long been a believer and has always had a calling to share the gospel with the people of Rwanda. He and his wife have four children and love to host Love Africa teams. He is also a professor in Kigali and has served in the Rwandan military. Olivier leads our development in Rwanda and leads our teams with great integrity.


Luke & Elise Whitfield

Zambia Field Directors

Luke & Elise are long time missionaries in Zambia and have served our teams there for many years. In 2008, they began working specifically with the Tonga peoples of Chikankata. Since then, they have been working to alleviate poverty through training in community building, sustainable farming practices, opportunities for education, and Godly living. Luke, Elise, and their five kids give all they have to develop the Tonga people. Each year, they host several Love Africa teams and lead our efforts in Zambia. If you would like to know more about them, check out our ministry partner page.


Jim & Martha Carroll

Uganda Field Administrators

Jim and Martha went on their first Love Africa trip several years ago to Kenya. They traveled with our now field director of Uganda, David Winn, and then began travelling to Uganda. Year after year, Jim and Martha kept faithfully serving and ministering to our teams and our ministry partners. Now, they travel each year to Uganda and sometimes to Kenya in order to lead and serve. They also manage all the administration for our Uganda teams each summer. Jim is a high school teacher and coach and is one of the best team leaders we have had. And of course, his wife, Martha, is even better than he is! We hope you’ll get to meet them on a trip!

Alex M

Alex Mwilambwe

Zambia Urban Field Director

Alex has been serving with Love Africa for the last two years. In a full time capacity, Alex served as the director of Awana – Zambia for several years, overseeing over 800 churches. He is a master at organizational leadership, administration, and has a huge heart for the Gospel. He organizes and leads our efforts in the city of Lusaka with Lusaka South Baptist Church. Most recently, Alex started The Hope Center for orphans and has been working to establish and grow that ministry.


David & Janet Winn

Uganda Field Directors

David & Janet first came on a trip with Love Africa to Kenya. Since then, they have returned several times and ultimately ended up leading our efforts in Uganda. They are natives of North Carolina and love spending time on the beach. David is also a youth pastor at a local church and a high school teacher. Under their leadership, Love Africa has served Congolese and Sudanese refugees in Uganda since 2017. David & Janet do not miss a year to return to Uganda and are constantly working stateside to develop our programs and help them grow.

Our desire is that every person that serves on a short-term trip with us will come home with a clear vision and a pure passion to serve right where they live.