Love Africa Staff


Trevin Bender

Director of Operations & Team Development

Trevin has been serving with Love Africa for four years now. Originally, he is from Oklahoma, but after receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Oklahoma State University (go pokes!!), he moved to Louisville, KY to pursue his Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry at Southern Seminary. His first trip was to Kenya. Since then, he has lead teams to Kenya, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe multiple times. Trevin loves Africa, missions, and people, so this ministry is a perfect fit for him!


Trevin’s primary responsibilities include directing operations, recruitment of team members, recruitment and training of leaders, and planning with ministry partners abroad.


Hannah Baugh

Recruitment Coordinator

Hannah is originally from Arkansas but Kenya very much has a sense of home for her. Having spent the better part of 2016 and 2017 living in Kenya and working alongside a couple ministries, Kenya and her beautiful people hold a special place in her heart. Realizing her need to be better equipped for the work of ministry, Hannah moved to Louisville, KY in 2018 were she currently is pursuing a degree in Biblical Counseling from Boyce College. Hearing other’s stories and connecting them to the bigger Story which we are all apart of is one of the many places Hannah finds joy. She cannot wait to connect you to a place and people she loves dearly.


Hannah helps tremendously when it comes to training, equipping, and leading our team leaders. She also helps with all the recruitment, and helps Raygan out with stuff.

Our desire is that every person that serves on a short-term trip with us will come home with a clear vision and a pure passion to serve right where they live.