In the summer of 2021, Love Africa will be offering an amazing opportunity to serve for 2 months in 4 different African countries (Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia).  Members of these teams will serve 2 weeks in each country and will have the opportunity to go on safari in Kenya, a volcano/jungle trek in Rwanda, and see Victoria Falls in Zambia . Come and join us on this amazing adventure!

Due to the logistics of this trip, availability on each team will be limited to 12 spots.  If you’re interested, submit an application, and we will let you know all about it!


Summer 2021


May 30th –  June 12th


June 13th – June 26th 


June 27th – July 10 


July 11th – July 24th

Note: All dates are approximated +/- 3 days and will be determined based on airfare.

Our desire is that every person that serves on a short-term trip with us will come home with a clear vision and a pure passion to serve right where they live.