The Colors in Heaven are Changing

As I’ve experienced this country, in all its beauty and tragedy, God has actively been teaching me more about himself and his heart for each of his children. Sometimes I limit God. In my attempt to understand Him in all of his majesty, I place walls around Him. But I’m learning that He isn’t containable. While He is outside of space and time, He is also outside of language and culture. He surpasses those things that define our existence. So, while we live within boundaries, He does not.

It wasn’t until I came to Kenya that I recognized one of my many misperceptions of the Father. Whether subconsciously or not, I truly believed that God could only effectively relate to a specific brand of people. If asked, I would have claimed that all of God’s children share equally in relationship with Him, but deep down I didn’t actually believe that people of primitive cultures could know God like Christians from America or other developed countries…

As I sat there that first Sunday, I found myself asking, “Are you even allowed to worship God this way?” As time passed, however, it became clear that these people were passionately praising the Lord. Their lively dancing and singing was the outpour of hearts that had experienced God’s Grace in a way that I can’t attempt to imagine. Tears welled up in my eyes as I joined my brothers and sisters in heartfelt worship. It’s a magical moment when two completely distinct languages and cultures join together to praise the same God. I wanted to thank God for that moment, but I found it hard to focus. It was as if I didn’t know whom I was speaking to. You see, my perception of God had radically changed in that moment. I could no longer fit Him into that one-dimensional mold I put Him in. If God could relate to the Massai people of Kenya, then he could also relate to the thousands of different cultures that make up our world. Wow! That blows my mind. Who are you, God?

Close your eyes and imagine what heaven will be like. Who do you see? As for me, I used to see lots of white people. But now, the colors in Heaven are changing. The sea of white is slowly gaining color. And I like it. I like it a lot.

Because God is far bigger than America… And he is larger than North America and even the Western Hemisphere… He surpasses culture, language, denomination, government, tribes, and borders.

“All the nations you have made shall come and worship before you, O Lord, and shall glorify your name.” (Psalm 86:9)

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Will Caswell (Core Team Member Summer 2014)

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