Update from the Whitfields in Zambia!

Check out this update from the Whitfields, our ministry partners in Zambia. Please be in prayer for them as they work hard in their ministry and prepare to host our mission teams this summer!

Water Tank-746188

“Most noticeably over the last few months has been a re-focus on development at our rural ministry center dubbed “Eleeo Project.” This 14 acre rural property is situation in the middle of 5,000 rural Tonga villagers and was gifted to us by Chieftainess Mwenda. Our heart for the development of this property is to utilize it as a base to conduct ministry, community development and outreach, all focused on the embodiment of the Greek word “Eleeo” – to speak or act with compassion. The drilling of a new well on the property is scheduled to occur over the next few weeks and we would appreciate your prayers surrounding not only a successful drill but also plenty of water! We also recently raised funds to purchase a solar water pump that will be able to pump over 2000 gallons of water a day. It will allow us to further construct the project as well as help develop the agricultural ministry by providing year round irrigation. Construction also continues on the bunk houses designed to host short term teams from the States as well as Zambians traveling from far away to attend certain seminars and functions. While much has been accomplished, there is still a great deal that needs to be done. We are confident, when complete, Eleeo Project will serve as a model of what happens when a community honors God as its foundation!”


To read the full April update, visit to their blog: The Whitfield Watering Hole.

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