Our Vision for UPG Ministry

Hi Brothers and Sisters!  Please take a moment right now to ponder just how much you treasure Jesus and in this moment rest in the hope and joy you find in your salvation through Christ…

Wow, as Christians we find resting in these truths so refreshing, spirit lifting and worthy of praise! But we so often find it more difficult to, at the same time, grieve in our hearts for those around us who do not share these same joys we find in Jesus Christ.

Did you know that 41% of the global population belongs to people groups and communities with no Christian believers?

Many of these lost souls do not even know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who has ever heard of Jesus.  Love Africa is passionate about mobilizing and discipling believers to be more authentic followers of Jesus Christ, and as Jesus instructed his disciples in Matthew 28:16-20, we also want to be part of taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to all nations! In addition, we want to offer believers opportunities to experience ministry to Unreached People Groups (UPGs) in Africa.  By experiencing this kind of ministry we believe that Christians, through the work of the Holy Spirit, will be enlivened and passionate about ways they can serve among the Unreached!  If you have serious interest in serving on mission to the Unreached People across Africa, please read on and learn about this exciting opportunity!

How are we approaching this opportunity?

Love Africa Mission partners with sending organizations who specialize in regions with UPGs. With these partnerships, we have two goals: expose believers to the reality of UPG missions; and permanently place one missionary per year with one of our partner organizations.

So, where do you find yourself? Are you looking to be placed in just a couple short years with a UPG? Or, are you interested in long term missions, but you aren’t sure if you’re called to UPGs? The good news is, we can help you either way!

Exposure Trip: For those of you who are interested in long-term missions, but are unsure if you are called to UPG missions, this trip is for you. On this trip, you will be exposed to the daily life and ministry of UPG missionaries. You will spend time working in their BAM (business as a ministry) and getting to know the community. This is not a tourist trip. In fact, the missionaries will encourage you to spend much of your time on your own exploring the cities, getting to know the locals, and spending time studying UPG missions. The evening will be a great time of fellowship with our partners, which will no doubt enrich your time there.

Placement Trip: If you know the Lord has called you long-term to UPG missions, but you don’t know where to get started, this is the trip for you! Prior to your trip, you will spend time training and learning about UPG missions and the logistics of getting your feet on the ground with a UPG. On the trip, you will discuss placement with a partner organization, receive training on fundraising for long-term missions, spend time with the locals, discuss business plans for a BAM, and receive encouragement from those who are already in the field. It is our goal that you would return from this trip with a clear understanding about how to get your feet on the ground within two years.

If you are interested in one of these trips or learning more about our requirements for these trips, click the button below! We are in the process of planning these trips for the summer of 2021. Because of the nature of this work, the locations of the UPG groups we work with cannot be disclosed until the application process.